Ideas for wedding games

A wedding game for guests: Who you are?

This game is for couples. At first separate the wives from the husbands, the girlfriends from the boyfriends. Each person has to list 8-12 names of animals in a column on a piece of paper. These must be kept secret!
Once all are finished with their lists, take the men lists, read "(Name) is a man..." and tell with these or similar phrases followed by the animal he has written in the column.

"Amazing like...
Fearless like...
Tender, caring, sociable, independent, stubborn, neat, brave, strong, devoted, charming, kind, authoritative, oblivious, original, smiling, loving, sensitive, talented, wise, smart, handsome, loyal like..."

The women will be read with "Your wife (girlfriend) when..." and follow with these phrases with the animals she has written:

"She cooks like..., drives a car like..., with friends is like..., with the coworkers is like..., at home is like..., with the boss is like..., with the children is like..., is doing shopping like..., drinks coffe like..., watches TV like..., in bed is like..., smiles like..., gets nervous like..., dances like..."

Questions game for a marriage: Who, where, when?

How well do you think you know your wife (husband) or girlfriend (boyfriend)?

It will be needed 3-4 couples to play this game. Send the men out of the room, ask the women 8-10 questions about their life together and write the answers. Then call the men back in, ask them the same question and compare answers. A couple which collects the most similar answers - wins.

The questions can be like these:
  • What kind of weather was on the day of your wedding (first date)?
  • What day of the week was it?
  • When is the birthday of your mother-in-law?
  • What is your husbands (boyfriends) favorite dish and drink?
  • What's his favourite sports team?
  • What is the name of his boss?
  • What color are his (or your) eyes?
  • What is his (or your) favorite song?
  • What is his favorite movie?
  • When was the last time he bought you flowers?
  • What is the size of his shoes?
  • Which country he (or you) would like to visit?
  • what is his (or your) favourite season?

Sing like a superstar!

Each participant has to sing well-known songs. Event presenters tell what tone it has to be done (proposed intonation: rap, rock, opera, the priest's intonation, romantic and instructive intonation).

Other activities for a wedding

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