How to write a wedding invitation

Wording for wedding invitations

Together with our parents we invite you to join them as we exchange vows.
You are invited to attend the nuptials of miss and mr. Date, time and place.
You are invited to celebrate the love story of ... as they become husband and wife.
We invite you to celebrate as we take our vows.
You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of ms. and mr.. When and where.
Together with their families’ blessing (names) request the honor of your presence at the occasion of their wedding.
We are getting married! Please join us for a wedding show! Date, time and location.

How to invite for marriage

We invite you to join us in celebration as we exchange vows and begin our new life together.
(Names) request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter/son (name) and (name).
Together with their families (names) invite you to share in their joy at the celebration of their marriage.
Please join us for the wedding of girl and boy at (time) on (day) at (location).
We (names) together with our families invite you to share in our wedding day.
Together with their families (names) invite you as they celebrate their union as husband and wife.
(Names) invite you to celebrate their wedding ceremony and reception. Date and time, address.
Please join us for a celebration of love, friendship, and family as (names) join their hands in holy marriage.
Properly written and presented invitation to the wedding - it's the first impression of your upcoming celebration. Exclusive invitations to guests normally save, to remember those amazing moments that you have shared with them. Wedding invitation is not limited to the quality of the paper or exceptional original details. It is also important to match your invitation text mode, emit sincerity and send a message to the people of the importance of the wedding day.

Gift ideas for wedding

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