New baby poems

Newborn baby poems for parents

Welcome baby verses for cards

A baby boy (girl) filled your heart with pride,
What a joy you feel inside.
With tiny little hands and tiny little feet,
Everytime you look him (her) the heart skips a beat.
I can say this without any doubt at all,
You will always be there to catch him (her) from the fall.
And another wish I make to you from me,
Mummy's little angel he (she) will always be.
When a baby feels a hand rest upon a Mum,
And hears the sound of a low deep hum,
I hope he knows, and to himself (herself) thinks gladly,
This touch and voice is of his (her) loving Mummy (Daddy).

Rhymes for new parents

A cute baby girl (boy) came home today,
And lots of wishes I send your way,
Now isn't she (he) just the most wonderful child,
With that beautiful eyes and that sweet little smile!
Tiny hands and tiny feet,
You've waited so long for a baby to meet.
A gift is a baby from heaven above,
A perfect example of God's precious love.

Newborn poetry for mommy and daddy

What a blessing comes to your life,
A bundle of joy filled with sunshine and smile,
A breathe from heaven's above knocking on your door,
A whole new meaning of love to explore.

Congratulations poems for new baby girl or boy

A baby so cute and so small,
Everyone him (her) adores,
And the best part of all -
This little one is yours!


New baby poems

To the lucky pair who now will share
The love with someone new,
The tiny boy (girl) I welcome too,
And my best wishes send to you!

Congratulations lyrics to birth of baby

May your lovely little one
So beautiful and new,
Bring a lifetime full of love
And happiness to you!

Rhymed best wishes to new parents

A new little boy (girl)
To love beyond measure,
To add to your life
More joys and more pleasure.
And may each new day
Hold for baby and you
The joyous fulfillment
Of dream that comes true!

Verse to baby born

Baby is a gift, it's true,
And a blessing from the Lord.
This little one sent down to you
Is so willingly adored.

First time parents rhymes

These tiny fingers always want to play,
And never stop exploring the wonders of each day,
These little fingers, that from the very start,
Reach out for tomorrow but stay in your heart.
Send a cute new baby card!