Thanksgiving poems

Poems for Thanksgiving day greetings

Thanksgiving is a time to treasure,
May your day be full of joy and leisure!
We are thankful for the blessings this year
And count you among what is dear.
Sending love and warm wishes your way
For a beautiful and happy Thanksgiving Day!
Joyful times I wish for you,
Thanksgiving blessings the whole year through!
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A Happy Thanksgiving to you once again,
May your day be uplifting with no chance of rain!
Thankful for all blessings,
Be they big or small.
Thankful for God's love
Which sustains us all.
May your turkey be tender this Thanksgiving day,
Be happy and grateful, that's all I can say.
The meal is set, the friends are near -
Enjoy this happy time of year!

Warm Thanksgiving wishes card with autumn flowers

Rhyming Thanksgiving words and wishes

Warmest wishes at this special day,
Sending abundant love and blessings your way!
When the season is Thanksgiving
And autumn's in the air
It warms the heart to think of those
For whom we specially care.
Happy Thanksgiving 2021!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your clan,
Enjoy the feast as much as you can!
May your Thanksgiving meal be joyful and blessed,
And your family moments be some of the best!
Joyful Thankgiving wishes card
Enjoy the meal and family day,
A Thanksgiving feast now comes our way!
Warm wishes for
A beautiful Thanksgiving season
With those you hold dear,
And may the joy
This day brings
Remain all through the year!
The kitchen's busy, the family here -
Thanksgiving's a wonderful time of year!

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