Congratulations jokes

Crazy greetings

My congratulations on coming to your senses!
Everyone's here saying greetings to you! Can you believe it?
Congratulations! Your work is good and original. Unfortunately the part that is good is not original, and the part that is original is not good...
Congratulations, you have only one problem!
You deserve congratulatory words, but not a proclamation...
You got a few congratulations. But you got a few middle fingers as well.

Funny congratulations messages

Congratulations to our seniors. We will miss you.
Congrats, you are not an ideal man! The ideal man doesn't smoke, drink, do drugs, swear and ... doesn't exist.
You finally became xx! Now the women can use you for something!
Yesterday I finally decided to congratulate her and you saw what happened...
Congratulations, guys! You have wanted to win for a while.
Congratulations on doing something only ten other teams have done before!
I want to congratulate you and to wish a good year, but I don't want to do anything dramatic, like a hug for an hour.
I told him greetings but he didn't know what I was congratulating him about.
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