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How to wish good morning to girl or boy

The sun has risen high, my thoughts hover above your already trembling eyelashes, wake up, wake up my Darling.
Through the window opening enters a small ray of sunshine which shakes a little and kisses your cheek. Good morning!
Our days - paintings, this morning - a blank sheet of paper. I wish for you to paint today a masterpiece. Good morning!
Sun has already opened one eye and little rays of sunshine are cheerfully running around. Open your eyes, smile - a new day is close.
Sun dissipates the darkness of the night and wakes you. Smile, jump out of bed with a brand new day!
I sent an annoying fly to wake you up... has it already visited you?... Good morning and don't be mad, my boyfriend ;)
Good morning to your little forehead, good morning to your little nose, good morning to your little eyes, good morning to your little lips, good morning to you all, good morning to you alone...
Good morning, I say to you, but sleep, sleep on ... sorry to awaken you, maybe you are dreaming about me and you...
Night retreats in small steps, morning kisses you on the cheek. Wake up; after all, life is waiting... Let a smile play on your lips.
Open one eye, then the other, smile. You'll see, everything is a lot easier with a smile. Good morning!
The sun and the birds awakens, butterflies in meadows are waking up too. I send this good morning sms message to you, because I love you very much.
When you open your little eyes, the room is lit up by the sun, and the world is anxious for your diligent arms. Get up, get up, good morning!
Every morning when I get up, I know that you are also already awake and although winter is outside the window, your feelings keep me warm.
Good morning I shout to you and wish a good day too!
Awaken together with the morning sun, along with my love shining eyes and rejoice in what the world gives us, I will rejoice with you.
Day full of joy just came to me. Good morning I say to you, my girl, and look forward to your kisses!
Good morning to the sun, good morning to the sky, good morning to the birds, but most of all, good morning to you, my lover!
Good morning I say to you and send a passionate kiss. Wake up, my boyfriend, don't sleep all day, and send a kiss my way.
The sun wakes you... it does not allow you to sleep, even though you want to dream ... It has probably waken you up... since you are reading this message. Good morning!
Once the night stars will dissolve in water, and the sun will ascend through the eastern mists, open your eyes, dreams have ended and I wish you a good day.
The sun is high in the sky and sends you small rays of sunshine. How I would like to be one of them and caress your cheek with a soft kiss. Good morning!
... You feel a hug... it's morning, you feel warm... it's the sun, you are being loved and longed for... no, it's not the morning and not the sun - it's me. Good morning.
A cheerful little ray of sunshine has awakened and runs to kiss your cheeks. Good morning!
Startled like a little hare, sleep skedaddles through the door. Good morning - it's already sunny, time to get to work.
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Oh, how I would like to wake up every morning next to you and while touching you to say - good morning...
Good morning says the sun, good morning whistles east wind, good morning whispers little dew droplets, good morning, also I say to you.
Open your eyes, the sun is already shining. A new day has dawned. Let it be very happy and full of joy.
Good morning, my sunshine, open your little eyes. I miss you very much. Night is terribly long, because after all, you were not here...
Early on, when the sun rises ... I wake up and I cannot find you next to me ... I'll be waiting for the day when you will wake me instead of the sun :) Good morning!
Good morning! Time to wake up... get up, wash up, rejoice and smile. Have a happy day!
You are still asleep?! Come on, don't be funny, jump out of bed, stretch, go to the window and wait... my passionate little kiss is coming to wish you a good morning!
Morning dawn has risen and dew came down on the grass. Little ray of sunshine you are, who smiles and shines from afar. I would like to hold you in my arms, snuggle and gently hug you :)
Flowers blossom into a colorful ring, and the sun rolls through the sky... Time to get up, it's so nice when you can see so many colors all around ... Good morning!
I give you a passionate and hot kiss so it wouldn't be cold to wake up! Good morning!
Good morning! I'm very sorry if I woke you up, but please understand me; I haven't been asleep for a long time and was thinking only about you...
Little angel softly says: - climb out of bed, the sun is rising! The day has already begun and to sleep so long is not fun. Good morning!
Early in the morning. How beautiful! Sun invites you to get up.... With sweet, sweet kiss I touch you... Good morning!
Good morning, my beloved girl, I just woke up. I'd like to cuddle with you, cover you in kisses and never let go...
You smiled at me in a dream, and suddenly I woke up... Now I daydream about you... and how I like you!.. I wish you a great day... Good morning!

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