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Wedding gift ideas

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How to surprise bride and groom

Wedding - is one of the most beautiful and happiest days in life. This day is perpetuated not only by photos and video footage, but also nice, sincere, funny or original gift from family, friends and colleagues. After many years, they, as a gentle breeze, whiffle feelings, bestowing us cozy memories of holidays which pant of happiness and fullness of hope. Usually newlyweds agree that one of the best wedding gifts is the one that fits in an envelope. However, neither one will refuse originally presented, sincere gift. A few suggestions on how to surprise bride and groom.

Creative wedding gift ideas

Engraved names of the newlyweds and wedding date on the champagne glass, mirror frame or original vase. Dessert cutlery set - these are things that will be used in household and will often remind of you.

For relaxation, you can give white satin bed linen, embroidered with initials of him and her or pillows with their photos.

Excellent practical gift is two towel sets which include three differently sized towels with embroidered names of the spouses.

Tea set with collectible tea mix or handsome tray with coffee cups so the spouses could pamper each other with a flavorful drink in bed every day.

Gift voucher from art or interior design parlors to inspire newlyweds to decorate their home interior according to their own taste.

Newlyweds will always appreciate a night at a high-class hotel, a weekend resort with spa treatments or massage therapy sessions to pamper and revitalize the body.

Honey barrel or bucket will be a fun honeymoon hint, also next to it you can add two teaspoons with engravings for him and her.

To wish positive emotions you can give tickets to a live concert of their favorite group or theater premiere.

Unique ideas what to buy for a wedding gift

Most unforgettable gifts will be the ones full of excitement: hot air balloon flight, diving courses, horse riding, dance lessons, and for couples who like adrenaline - parachute jump.

Romantic profesional photo shoot is a dream of many brides and will be enjoyed by their soulmates too. This is a gift which will be remembered for a very long time.

Wine, beer or cheese tasting; chocolate fondue, tea ceremony - relaxing gift for quality time together.

Yacht trip, star gazing in observatory or even star as a gift with both of their names would be a perfect gift for romantics.

A gift certificate from a travel agency which is valid throughout the year will provide the spouses with twice as much of joy in choosing where to travel and the trip itself.

Perfect as a funny gift would be compass so the spouses would not lose each other, binoculars for not to lose sight of one another, ceramic brick (for construction of their own home) with openings filled with money bills.

Newlyweds will be entertained by puzzle with their photo, but do not forget to explain that they shouldn't tear it up afoul! - It is enough to disassemble it and reassemble when the spouses decide to reconcile. A goldfish in an aquarium to fulfill their wishes, erotically painted screen so their passion would not fade and a map so the newlyweds could travel all over the world together.

Mothers and grandmothers can prepare very sincere and practical gift for their daughters, granddaughters which would become a family relic: original book with your hand-written and family favorite recipes, secrets of cookie and cake baking, fruit and vegetable canning and everything you consider the young bride will need at her home. You can even leave a lot of blank sheets with an idea that a bride would add something of her own and someday give this book to her daughter.

Even if you decide that the best gift for newlyweds is money, your small and sharp gift will not only be exceptional next to other money bills, but will lighten the mood for newlyweds.