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When witches, black cats and ghosts are seen
You know that it's time for Halloween!
Dare you brave the cold and dark, on this year's Halloween?
I wish you luck this fearful night, when scary things are seen.
Have an exciting, fun and candy filled Halloween night!
Wishing you a Halloween that is as charming, enchanting and bewitching as you!
Shhh... don't scream... It's Halloween! Wishing you all a frightfully spooky night!
Hope this Halloween brings magic and fun!
I know you love the treats but you love the tricks much better! Enjoy this Halloween!
Vampires, Ghosts and Werewolves prowl,
Beware the moon and mournful howl!
Having a friend like you is my favorite treat of all! I wish you a boo-tiful Halloween night!
Hope this holiday leaves you spinning with excitement! Happy Haunting!
Have a spook-tacular, be-witching and fang-tastic Halloween night!
Halloween greetings card with words

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Wishing you this Halloween night,
Is filled with mysteries, fun and delight!
Have a creepy Halloween filled with lots of treats and lots of fun.
The sweetest thing I know of this Halloween isn't the candy. It's you!
Have a Happy Halloween,
With trick-and-treaters don't be mean!
Hope you have a spirited Halloween. Fly high tonight!
When fat pumpkins have faces
And white ghosts spook places,
May Halloween spirits work a charm
Keeping you safe and free from harm!
Cheers to a Happy Hallo-wine!
Have a great and fun-filled eve,
For Halloween's a time to believe!
Hoping your Halloween is filled with more yummy treats than tricks. Have a monstrously good time and enjoy those treats!

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