Congratulations for achievement

Congratulations for achieving the target

If Oscars were given for a job well done, I'd nominate you! Congratulations for your fantastic achievement!
It's a pleasure to work with someone who knows how to make a friendly and inspiring work environment. I'm glad that a position opened up for you that is a great next step in your career.
Congratulations on your success! You have made us all proud. Keep up the good work!
Your dedication, enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring. I wish you many years of great achievements!
No matter how big a crowd may be, a person like you always stands out! There's no one who has worked as hard as you have in the last years. Now your efforts effort have paid off. Congrats!

Wishes for success in work

You worked hard, you deserve it, you have got it! Please accept my congratulations on this wonderful recognition of your merits.
First they ignore you... Then they laugh and fight against you... Then you win! I knew you could do it. Congratulations for your brilliant victory!
Well done! You are destined to make it big, you just didn't know it. This recognition is surely deserved and will give you an opportunity to spread your wings.
You've worked hard to achieve this promotion, but your efforts were completely worth it. Now one of your great desires became real! Wishing you best of luck in your new capacity!
Congratulations for your fabulous victory! You deserve it every bit! Aim for the stars!
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