Funny job congratulations

Job promotion jokes

Congratulations on getting promoted to the job you are already doing. Now Get Back To Work!
You are great! Congratulations on your 1 % raise...
Congratulations on taking your old job back. Well done!
Congratulations for the promotion received! A whole new place to sit all day...
Congrats on your new position at work that you probably won't like any better...
You got promoted. Now you are dead to us.

Funny quotes about getting promoted

Don't bother me at work unless cake is involved! Enjoy your success!
Congratulations on receiving the promotion ... I deserved! Don't get too comfortable.
You seriously deserved this success. I hope your new job is as easy as you are.
I heard you earned a new fancy job title. You are a big fish now!
Congratulations for doing what we pay you for in the way it was intended to be done!
Congratulation you on your promotion! Hope you haven'tt earned it on your knees...
Fantastic news! Let's celebrate your success in a manner that's likely to get us all fired!
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