Office gift ideas

How to choose office gift

Selection of business gifts online and in retail is incredibly wide however it is quite difficult to choose the most appropriate office gift which would be in line with both, yours and partner's or boss expectations. Gift, especially business gift, will not fulfill its purpose if it will be boring and inattentively selected. Presentment of the gift is also very important. Office gift - it's a great opportunity to maintain and improve business relations, so if you have an opportunity, give a gift in person. Your partner will longer remember you and will exclude from others both, a gift and its presentment. Here we have some of the best, most original and unexpected business gift ideas that are not only useful but interesting and vivacious.

Business gift ideas

It is essential that the corporate gift would remind of its giver but it's not required for it to be durable. Perfect solution are gourmet products: picnic baskets filled with spreads, dried meat, cheese sets and wine, gourmet spreads, cheese and seasoning mixes, fruit baskets, coffee or tea collector's set boxes, handmade chocolates, selected biscuits set boxes, chocolate 3D puzzles. It is true that once you cheer your business partner's stomach, you can achieve much more.
Invitations to the premiere performance; relevant business conference with entertainment program; inspirational, motivational books; photo album - are gifts that help us to stop for a little while in our rushing world and gain strength for tomorrow.
Present gifts that cause feelings of excitement or emotions: entertainment in adventure or water parks, a parachute jump, ride with quads, extreme shooting from combat arms or massage therapy, night at a hotel, SPA treatments. If you give a proposal - a gift to choose for you own i.e. gift set such as: "Relaxation", "Fun", and "Adventure" - you will give a double gift - joy of choosing a gift and the gift itself. Recipient of such set (business partner, boss or colleague)f will choose a pastime he finds most enjoyable.
Among many of the offered office gifts, choose only high-quality gifts with the company logo. Business gift - part of your company's image. Avoid low-quality gifts that could damage it. Pens; mugs; USB flash drives; colorful umbrellas for the family; comfortable, leather key holders; business card holders - gifts that are not only popular but really come in handy in everyday life.


Handmade gifts with decoration option of your choice will draw attention away from troubles and gladden the recipient. Originally looking puzzle or strategy board game will please active personalities. Maps and globes (land, sky or moon) will encourage business reflections. Not very expensive gift that can easily be found - telescope in peculiar box. Do not forget to add a card with adequate notes: "There are no unsolvable problems", "Discovering and taking root in new lands, "For promising visions" or "For business insights". In these cases, uniqueness of the gift lies in your selected notes. You will make a much greater impression if greeting or a sincere felicitation will be written by your hand.
Gifts that help to emotionally discharge calm down and concentrate will be accepted with a smile and gratefully used for its intended purpose. Perfect for that are boxing gloves, boxing bag, and anti-stress balls. Active people who live in the business world are often plagued by one of the major health problems - stress. Isn't a great gift that will help to get rid of it?
Perfect to thank the staff (team) are supermarket gift certificates; gym, beauty salon, massage parlor, spa membership; subscription of various journals; cash premiums. Invite the whole team for dinner at a luxury restaurant, skiing in the mountains or take everyone on a vacation in an exotic country.
Business relationships do not respect national borders. When developing business relationships you often have to interact with foreigners. It is important to remember that in the culture of international business relations, different rules can apply for business gifts. In such cases it is best to choose a business gift associated with your country. It can be items marked your country symbolism, gifts telling about your country, for example: crafts, traditional snacks, beverages in original packaging, photo album about the country. The gift should be interesting and induce positive emotions.
Personal gifts are allowed to be spontaneous. Let us not forget that in business we have to act responsible since the task of the gift is to "pay off". Here we have to make a proper assessment of the three main criteria: what gift to give, when and whom.

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