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The best thing about birthdays is that they remind us of the important things in life - Family, Friends and lots of CAKE!
Birthday happy,
Birthday happy,
Birthday happy U2!
There's nothing to be upset about when you think about your age... Especially when you can't even remember it! Happy Birthday all the same!
Remember on your birthday - good wishes are far more important than presents. Happy Birthday from me!
Some of the most successful members of society are very old and should be treated with respect. As for you... well, have a Happy Birthday anyway!
Birthdays are like bank accounts. The more you worry about them, the less fun you have. Enjoy yourself!
Simply getting older is not something to be ashamed of. Save that for when you forget where you parked!

Birthday wishes in short and funny words

Happy Birthday to the most wise, attractive and successful person I know! By the way, have you met my other friends yet?
The future looks much better when you have gained plenty of life experience. For you it's looking GREAT! Have another very Happy Birthday!
If anyone tells you not to get old, just remember that the alternative isn't too great either. Have a Happy Birthday and many more to come!
Enjoy your birthday and remember - you're only as old as the woman you feel!
Look! The birthday treat of a lifetime is coming your way... Or is that a complimentary health check???
On your birthday you should take time to relax and enjoy yourself. Seriously... Look after that ageing body!

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