Halloween poems

Short poems for Halloween

It's so spooky and so fun,
Halloween night is No 1!
When black cats sneak,
And pumpkins gleam
May fun be yours
On Halloween!
Double, double toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble!
The owls look out
At this bloody night,
Capturing the feel
Of Halloween fright!
The witches are flying
Black cats can be seen,
It's crystal clear, darling,
Tonight's - Halloween!
Trick or treat,
Smell my feet,
Bring me something
Sweet to eat!
Halloween greetings
For good luck and good cheer
May be the spirits
That haunt you all year!
I'm sending a wish for
A good luck and cheer -
May these be the ghosts
That haunt you all year!

Funny Halloween poems for adults and children

A loving Boo,
I send to you!
I send this spooky
Little greeting
To wish you happy
Trick or treating!
The blackest cat
That you ever seen
Wishes you luck
On this Halloween!
There is a shadow on the Moon this night,
Filling you dreams to the brim with fright!
Oh, my dear little child,
Be afraid - Halloween starts tonight!
Halloween wishes
I'm sending your way
For funny and spooky
Halloween day!
Have a spooky Halloween day,
While finding treats along the way!
Silent phantoms of the night
In their wear of ghostly white.
They can only to be seen
On this night of Halloween!
Trick or treat,
Give me something nice to eat!
Give me candy or the cake,
Give me something sweet to take!

Happy Halloween wishes

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Happy Halloween ecard with black cat and a poem