Short Christmas poems

Love poems for Christmas cards

May special blessings brightly shine
On those who dear to you,
And may the Christmas magic love
Be with you all year through!
On Christmas everyone remembers
Best friends and loved ones too -
So naturally, my loving thoughts
And greetings go to you!
Christmas time is almost here
So spread to all a little cheer!
Have a happy holiday,
Another year is done.
May Christmas be a time of joy,
And having lots of fun!
Words cannot express how much love I have for you,
At Christmas time and the whole year through.
Christmas lights and Santa Claus,
The sounds of joyful song;
May all be good this holiday,
With nothing going wrong!
Maybe Cristmas doesn't come home from a store,
Maybe it means a little bit more...
Christmas-time is so welcome
For the special chance it brings
To say that you're loved a lot
And wished all happy things!
Christmas card with starry night and wording

Short Xmas 2016 poetry for letters

For Lord loves all, forgets no one,
Good or bad, wise or undone.
Christmas is a time for love and fun,
A time to give your heart to everyone.
The Christmas bells we love to ring,
To celebrate the birth of a newborn King!
The time has come to have some rest,
At Christmas may your life be blessed!
Christmas is a special time,
For funny games and laughter,
Bringing happy memories
To treasure ever after.
The snow is on the trees
And ice covers the seas,
The choir of angels sings
About the joy that Christmas brings!
Christmas is allowing God to be born,
Within hearts of men of all other the world!
At Christmas time, more than ever,
It's nice to greet you two together
And send my wish so fine and true
This holy evening just to you!

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