Congratulations to marriage

Congratulations quotes on your marriage

Today is going to be a day that you shall never forget. Enjoy the bliss of becoming one. May marriage brings great joy, love and passion in your life.
A romantic journey begins with marriage. Congratulations to marriage and best wishes always!
Let you never once pause to measure your love and always find magic in each other's hands!
Congratulations on your marriage
May you have a wonderful life.
You've started this day as two best friends
And ended it is a man and his wife!
Marriage is a promise you make each day of your life. Celebrate your love today, share your dreams tommorrow and cherish happy memories always!
Congrats on your marriage and best wishes for your future together. Enjoy every moment of your love life.

Happy married life quotes

Marriage made in Heaven begins right here on Earth. On this beautiful and lovely occasion I wish you a bright future together.
Let all you have today never end. Always find beauty in one another and let the love and the laughter live forever!
You suit each other perfectly! Congratulations! May your every day together be a joyous ride.
Every love story is beautiful. Happy married life!
God combine your hearts in one. Walk through life hand in hand, be always loving and caring.
Marriage is a promise to each other to guide and to protect. All the best for the times ahead!

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