Poems for congratulations

Poem for congratulations on birthday to friend

There are things I'd like to say
To my best friend on his birthday.
I am thankful forever God sent you one day,
Like a gift from up above, you showed me the way!

Sucess verses to daughter or son

Be happy, smiling, laughing,
Best wishes flies to you,
Don't be afraid of dreaming
And may your dreams come true!

Congratulations poem on engagement

I'm so happy for you, much more then I can acclaim,
From all my soul I wish you joy and heart's flame!

Achievement rhymes to friend

You have brains in your head
And two feet in your shoes,
Opportunites are waiting ahead
In any direction you choose!

Poem with wishes for congratulations card

You can follow your dream,
Or reach for the star,
Wherever you go
Just follow your heart!

Love verses to girlfriend for various occasions

More than the time shall exist
My song for you will play,
Until the stars all cease to shine,
My love for you will stay!

Pregnancy best wishes rhymes to friend

You're in my thoughts
My prayers as well,
Warm wishes for the mommy to be
I want you to tell!

Love poem to boyfriend

My sweetheart, look at me,
And hold me in your hands,
I wish to love you all my life
Until forever ends!

Congratulations poem to kid

Follow your dreams
And reach for the stars
Wherever you go
Just follow your heart

Verses for congratulations to mom or dad

I will make a wish today
A special one and true,
I wish the most precious gifts,
From God above to you!
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